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The deepest metro in the world


"Nevsky prospect" metro station 

Your St. Petersburg private guide will show you the deepest metro in the world. From 65 stations 50 are located 30 m deep. Petersburg Metropolitan was the most Northern until 1982 before metro was inaugurated in Helsinki. It is the most northern, deepest and Western in Russia. The Western subway station is "Primorskaya". The «Admiralty» is 102 meters deep. The station «Pr. Veteranov» is the most loaded underground station in Russia, surpassing even «Vykhino» in Moscow. The «red branch» extension farther to the West is not initiated bacause of a threat of «Vykhino effect».


"Admiralty" metro station, the deepest in the world (102 meters deep)

The trains are so overcrowded on the last station that on the next stations people cannot sit in the coach. 8-coach trains are going along the red line, 6-coach on the others. The level of the subway congestion is the 12th in the world. Number 1 is Tokyo, Number 2 is Moscow. The 2-nd Russian metro built 20 years after Moscow subway in 1955. Every year 1 station is inaugurated. There are the world first stations with "horizontal lift" type doors. 10 «horizontal lifts» stations are in Petersburg metro only. Most of the stations are on the Neva Delta islands. From St. Petersburg private guide you will know a lot about metro.


"Narvskaya" metro station 
St. Petersburg private guide will pay your attention that at the station "A.Nevsky Square" where the bas-relief is presented. It portrays 5 riders on 4 horses. "Pushkinskaya" had to be opened in1955, but  was opened later, before inauguration he escalator collapsed. At «Avtovo» just 16 columns of 46 are faced with glass. The décor was not finished by contractor. So the columns were temporarily faced with stone. They did not fulfill the project. The bad relationship of Khrushchev to  the «architectural excesses» was the reason . The subway tour will inform you that there is 1 station «Dachnoie» closed forever. «Avtovo» became the 1-st station without escalators.
Avtovo metro station with glass columns
St. Petersburg private guide will show you the escalator at the «Lenin Square» 100 m long (the longest) with 729 steps. «Spasskaya»  is the only one without lobby. In 2008 the 5-th subway line was founded. "Admiralteyskaya" was built for the longest period of time. It was the «Ghost» (1997-2011). New stations are opened mostly in December. The Metropolitan is placed on the area of 2 Federation subjects. «Devyatkino» is on the territory of the region. «Technological Institute» became the first interchange with the cross-platform transition. The train speed is maximum 90 km/h. For 9 years the traffic from «Lesnaya» to «Pl. Muzhestva» was blocked. The tunnel erosion was the reason.
Wedding traditions in St. Petersburg

Excursions for guests of the wedding party with St. Petersburg private guide in English. It is the city of amazing beauty, with rich history. That's why it attracts tourists. We offer tours around the most exciting attractions and historical places. The centre is full of historic buildings, some of which are under UNESCO protection. Excursions will plunge into the country's history to get acquainted with the monuments, other attractions and St. Petersburg wedding traditions. Wedding is not just an important event in the life of 2 people, but also mysterious ritual, which requires compliance with different traditions.

Your private guide in Russia will inform you that Petersburg traditions are very interesting and diverse and rooted in the deep past. Each rite carries a certain sense, every detail of is set to... To be happy: on the Point of Vasilievsky island, the couple must drink champagne, to break the glasses and release a pair of doves. The newlyweds must visit 3 bridges: Little-Konyushenny bridge, Theatre bridge, Novo-Konyushenny bridge near the Saviour on the Blood. At the end of walk the newlyweds lay flowers at the bronze horseman. To be rich: the couple must put their fingers in the mouth of the Griffin near the Sphinx.

Your St. Petersburg private guide will tell you that to fulfill desires: the newlyweds should drink champagne near the Sphinx, to write the desire, place the note in the bottle, throw it into the Neva. So the children were beautiful: the couple must touch the thumb of one of the Atlases (the Hermitage). When the couple performs city tour passing on the bridges they should kiss and under bridges witnesses should kiss. To find out how many years young people will live together they need to create the circles around the Theatre square and kissing. The number of these circles must be multiplied by 10, for so many years they will be together. We'll not be superstitious people, but for festivity and solemnity will follow Petersburg wedding traditions.


 The Grand model of Russia

Your St. Petersburg private guide will show the Grand model of Russia. You get around Russia with the child during one weekend. There is the huge mockup of Russia where in detail you see the attractions in miniature and life in all parts: oil rigs, HPPs and mining in Siberia, Baikal lake, tundra, even the pig farm, trains and cars moving in all directions across the country. Like real! There is even mini "Sapsan" train. The layout is huge, solid (exception is the Kaliningrad region, which understandably is placed separately). The Ural and Caucasus ridges rest on the ceiling, in imagination they can continue above the ceiling. Coming from St .Petersburg look at the room's end but Vladivostok is not visible.

Your St. Petersburg private guide will show the layout of Russia for children. What you can touch and what to watch? To view it better place a child on a special skirting around the layout. It is particularly interesting to consider the details. Here you can even see the microscopic gulls on the handrails and eaves of buildings, scenes with people: here's someone pushes a broken car, the police arrested criminals and peaceful gatherings on the bench in the courtyard. And even in this small replica of the country various events are happening. For example, every five minutes near the Ural mountain range begins forest fire: it is a real smoke, appears fire, fire engines come, extinguish the fire.

Or freight wagonsare connected to locomotive, it drives and on it's place comes another train. Looking at one piece of the layout with St. Petersburg guide one can see a lot of things (impossible to touch). On the layout there are special buttons for visitors: pressed - powered separate part of the layout. It is easy to work with excavator in open pits or to make fall a tree on a tree felling. There are 15 buttons and 50 buttons wil be to be installed. You can look inside (bottom) through the special peephole and see how we engage in multi-level junctions cars and trains.

With St. Petersburg private guide you see how every 15 minutes from the East to the West night comes and gradually from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad light is lit in the windows. So it is dark in the hall and there is feeling of real night and everybody stop moving. You can rent an audio guide and binoculars (to consider distant parts), the number of trains on the railway will increase from the current 30 to 350. Downstairs here is the cloak room, cafe (budget dishes). They promise to open an educational centre with technical circles and ship modeling club for kids.


«Decembrists» revolt

Decembrists square with the "Bronze Horseman"- monument to Peter the Great.
Licensed St. Petersburg private guide will mention during the sightseeing tour the «Decembrists» revolt. Nikolas, the third son of Paul 1 was born in 1796. His governor was General Matvei Lambsdorf who taught him military engineering. Nikolas succeeded Alexander 1 because the second brother Konstantin had given up his right to the throne. The morganatic marriage (his spouse-polish woman) was the reason. This was kept private within the imperial family. Alexander died and the army at first swore allegiance to Konstantine. The troops had to swear a new allegiance to Nikolas. That was exploited by radically-minded Petersburg officers. They lead the guards units on the square in December 1825. They dreamed to put an end of autocracy. For the rest of his life emperor Nicholas remained a stern autocrat, requiring only one thing from the subjects – obedience. Military – like order prevailed in all state institutions. The principal organ of administration became his Majesty's Chancellery with special significance being allotted to its «Third Department»,  the secret police established in 1826.
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