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Do you make visas for cruise ship passengers?

Our company is officially authorized to provide VISA-FREE disembarkation for cruise ship passengers in St. Petersburg. So you don’t need visas. We provide you with tour tickets (blanket visas) which allow you to pass the passport immigration control leaving the ship without any problem.


What documents do I need to get tour ticket (blanket visas)?

To provide you with tour tickets (blanket visas) all we need from you is to send us scanned copies of your passports (the first pages with your names dates of birth, photos.) and fill in the form where you write your dates of stay in Petersburg, the ship's name and your passport details via e-mail.


I am afraid to be late to the ship.

We always include extra time for all possible delays, such as museum lines, traffic jams and other unforeseen circumstances. Such situation has never happened in our practice. In case of any emergency we provide you with another vehicle to return you to your ship at the appointed time. Our guides and drivers are very professional and they know how important it is to follow itinerary.


What documents do I need to get off the ship in St. Petersburg?

You will have to show at the immigration office your passport (valid for the dates of your visit) and printed tour ticket.


Can I be on my own in St. Petersburg?  Why should I book a private tour?

If you have Russian visa you can be on your own, but it is better to book the private tour with professional local guide and driver. With the help of the tour company you will see all the main attractions with maximum of comfort. You will save your time being provided with skip-the-line museum tickets.

The cruise ship passengers are coming to Russia without visas (it is rather expensive and not easy to get Russian touristic visa). With us you don’t need visas. We provide you tour tickets (blanket visas) and the agency takes full responsibility for your stay in St. Petersburg and guarantee that you will be back on the ship on time. According to the Russian low you should be accompanied by your personal guide and driver.


Do you require a deposit?

No, we don’t require any deposit. The only exception is the theatre tickets which have to be reserved and paid for long in advance and are non-refundable.


Do I have to leave Gratuity to my guide and driver?

Gratuity is not included into the tour price. It is based on the quality of the service.

According to the western standards it is approximately 15% of the cost of the tour. We suggest a 10% gratuity to your guide and 5% to your driver if you are satisfied with the way they worked. It is a good idea to divide gratuity between your guide and driver and give it separately to them (rubles, USD, Euros). It is entirely your decision to thank your tour team.


Can I pay by card in St Petersburg?

If you would like to pay in the shops by card it is better to warn your bank about it beforehand. Otherwise, it can be blocked because of the transaction in Russia as the bank cares about your money security.

In shops and for your lunches you can pay in cash in rubles. If it will be problems with your card, our guide can change some USD or Euros into rubles for you to pay for your lunch.


Do you offer tours in other languages?

We can provide you excellent tours in different languages. Please contact us and we’ll calculate the program for you.


Is shopping allowed on tours?

You will have opportunity to visit souvenir shops. They accept credit cards and cash (rubles, euros, USD)


What discounts can we get?

  • You can get 5% discount off the cost of any St. Petersburg tour for early booking – if you book your tour for the next year.
  • Tour for children up to 6 years old will be free of charge
  • Children from the age of seven and students get discount for the tour. Students must have a valid ISIC Card.


Are tours suitable for kids?

Some of our guides are specialized in tours with kids. They have a long-term experience and make the tour not only informative but also fun and engaging.




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